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Sorry sorry everyone for so much spam from me, I do not do it (very) intentionally. I was about start cramming but everyone was extremely excited about Believe PV, Kumori Nochi PV, and Ohno's amazing performance on MusicStation, so how could I resist? Something akin to an atomic bomb exploded inside myself while I was watching him, guys. 

Result of overflowing love for Ohno: I wrote something. It was entirely spontaneous and finished quickly and goodness knows what prompted me to post it right after I wrote it, but it looks like I am just having a "to hell with it!" kind of day. To hell with you, grades! To hell with you, editting! To hell with you, title! You heard me! Title yourself!

Rating: PG-13
Warnings: boys kissing, inept writing
Pairing: Ohmiya

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Notes: A lot of people commented about why on earth [INSERT SPOILER NAME HERE] would have Gimmickgamer4 as her username. I was surprised by this; isn't it possible to change your username and personal information and stuff? I know you can do it on LJ. Well, I'm sorry for any confusion. Here is the last part.

part three: hey now, see, things will be okay )
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Hey, if anyone can teach me how to add banners to my profile, I would be very grateful!

part two: honestly the kid is too young for you )
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Good afternoon everyone, I am going to post that long thing I wrote for some contest that you may or may not be familiar with at oh, a humble little community known as [ profile] kickass_central [ profile] ohmiyaday. I think it turned out pretty well! (The contest, not the fic. Well I guess both.) I know I was promising to deliver that other really long one but I am still grappling with it and also I have to read about 250 pages about communication before Monday. I CAN'T WAIT (SARCASM).

Title: Yours, RamenLuver99
Rating: PG-13 for Nino's potty mouth
Genre: lol, I don't know. General? Melodrama?
Length: ~12,300 OTL
Summary: As a promotion for his new show, Ohno is put into a dating competition for Valentine's Day. Nino protests the only way he knows how: underhandedly.
Notes: I know that Japanese pronouns are gendered, but please pretend that they aren't, for this story. As well, please do not take the idea of individual fan clubs seriously; they were made up for the sake of the fic.
Thank you very much to: [ profile] still_ciircee for correcting my grammar, [ profile] waxrose for emotional support and encouragement, and especially [ profile] jliann for not only telling me what she liked, but stuff she didn't like. Jun's entire snarky conversation with Nino can be credited to her. Thanks for your help, everyone! Oh, and a HUGE THANK YOU for everyone who participated in the contest! Awesome fandom is awesome.

part one: completely logical reactions are a go )

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LJ: is it too much to ask to allow me to make ONE post without telling me my post is too large? IS IT??

The other half of the meme!

fic for anoudegozaruna )


drabble and art for happenstanc3 )


bonus fic for still_ciircee! )

Phew! Done! Thanks for reading!!

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Hello, here are the results of that meme. This was hard, guys! I have renewed respect for people who can spontaneously write fic so well. More info about each prompt below the cuts. Thank you to those who participated!! I hope these are satisfactory.

fic for still_ciircee )


fic for oviparous )


drabble and art for blueandflawless )


part two

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Title: Ain't No Friend of Mine, part 2
Other stuff: please see below!


Thank you for reading!! I hope it was enjoyable.

pic snagged from [ profile] theproudpenguin 's JunxSho amazing picspam.
a-and on closer inspection it's not a graduation outfit at all, is it? okay sorry I should have looked up the pic before I wrote this OTL

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Title: Ain't No Friend of Mine
Rating: PG
Genre: General, Humour
Pairing: one-sided Jun/Sho
Words: ~8,100. How it ballooned up to this length? Your guess is as good as mine.
Warnings: a few scattered curse words, teenage stupidity
Notes: There's that picture of Jun in a schoolgirl's outfit and Sho as the boyfriend, right? Everyone's seen it, right? 
Stuff you should know before you read: Ohno's doing that two year stint he spent in Kyoto. I'm assuming he was pretty okay friends with Sho before he left; I don't know about the others. Everyone is still in Juniors, and I made Jun's birthday pass so he is 14. Also because I wrote too much I will have to split it up into two parts. OTL
Summary: Jun has a crush on Sho. Sho has no idea.

Please forgive any errors, I'm pretty sleepy and may have done a lazy proofreading job.
Comments very much appreciated.

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Um. Is - is this crack? I don't know the definition of crack. Is there one? What I mean to say is, this is retarded, why did I write this, why am I posting this.

Title: Arashi's Rules for when Matsujun Comes to Work in a Morning Mood
Genre: General
Rating: G
Words: ~1,500
Note: I tried to write something humourous. I have failed.

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Title: All Together Now
Other stuff: Please see two posts below.
Notes: I think I need like another venue. Where I can post 12,000 words in one go. How great would that be.
Thanks for reading!!

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Title: All Together Now
Other stuff: see post below!
Notes: By the way, I am most certainly not a songwriter, so, um. Please know that? And thank you for reading!

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Hello! How are you. Here is a fic.

Title: All Together Now
Fandom: Arashi
Rating: PG, for curse words
Genre: Gen, I guess Angst
Word count: ~12,900
Summary: It's almost ten years later and they're drifting away. But they're too late in realizing what they need and something goes horribly wrong.
Notes: OMG THIS ONE. I -- I started on this one after 24HR TV, if you can believe that. I got all emotional with Nino's letter and then again with them singing live and singing well together. So here it is, finished. If you can, I would love some feedback about the structure, like the A then B then A then B format -- you will see what I mean when you read it (I hope). First time I tried something like this so it'd be cool to see if it worked out.

Have to split it up because it's super long, sorry about that.

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As if Arashi hasn't ruined my GPA enough, here they are ruining my very limited, very precious, very despised study time.

Title: To each his own
Rating: PG-13 for suggestive stuff.
Pairings: Aiba/Nino, Sho/Aiba, Ohno/Sho, Jun/Ohno, Nino/Jun
Word count: 5 short ficlets, 150 words each. I tried so hard for 100, but I just couldn't do it. :-[
Note: I really can't do spur of the moment drabble things. These took me days. Even if it might not show. :-[ :-[ :-[

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Title: Arashi! Cooking
Length: 3222, one-shot
Genre: general
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Notes: Gah, I was trying to work on my other fics but I ended up writing this instead, what the heck. It's just silly.

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Well, here is another Arashi fic. I guess this one was my first completed one, and it's been sitting on my computer for a while, so I thought I might as well post it! So here it is.

Title: An Untitled Piece

Fandom: Arashi
Pairings: None
Genre: General, one-shot
Rating: G
Summary: Nino plays a song and Sho contemplates what it means.
Notes: Of course I realize Nino would never ever ever split up from Arashi, that's it's completely preposterous to think so. I just wrote this for fun. Because honestly, for Arashi, I don't think the thought of breaking apart would even enter their minds, like something you'd never ever ever consider, such as "what if I stopped breathing one day, I wonder how that would feel?" or "I think I'll just take a walk today and keep on walking, how about that."

Fingers on the keys and a place in your heart )
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Title: 5 times Nino was a horrible friend, and one time he wasn't so bad.
Fandom: ARASHI!!
Genre: General
Pairings: none
Word count: 3072, one-shot
Warnings: a few curse words, nothing major.

It's a form of tough love, or something. )
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Title: This is a Proposal, Seriously
Summary: Sokka's facing a dilemma. He goes to Aang for help. The news spreads, unintentionally.

Rating: PG
Genre: Humour
Pairing: Sokka/Toph, some mention of Zuko/Mai
Warnings: none
Notes: I am working on chapter three of Yours and Mine - it is almost done. I apologize for not getting as much done this holiday as I would have hoped. In the meantime, please enjoy this small thing. Also does anyone know the first names of Toph's parents?

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Oh, these two. I really love these two.

Title: The Convenient Truth
Genre: Humour
Characters: Yumichika, Ikkaku
Rating: G
Summary: There's a reason why Yumichika always walks one step behind. (And it's so obvious, too.)
Posted in: [profile] kurosaki_clinic

BFF or what.


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