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GUYS, Himitsu no Arashi-chan this week had Arashi living together in a house?!?! WHO AUTHORIZED THIS AND WHY WASN'T I CONSULTED?!?!?!?!?!?! okay no of course i wouldn't be consulted that is ridiculous, i feel ridiculous

SO THE THING IS that I'm writing a huge story now where Arashi lives in a house together (mentioned in the previous post)...

WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS NEW INFORMATION? I'm only like 2/3 finished the fic!! D:

My fear is that if I watch the episode (and come on, now I have to watch it), I'll have to change huge parts of my fic because my characterization isn't right (and come on, it won't be, because fic Arashi in a house vs ACTUAL ARASHI in a house?!?! what is even the contest here). I'm in favour of improving stories to fit characterizations but guys I worked so hard on this one, I really don't want to up and rewrite the whole thing. T_____T i'm actually distraught right now

a) post one part of it RIGHT NOW
b) wait till I finish to post all of it, but DO NOT WATCH THE EPISODE
c) wait till I finish to post all of it, and WATCH THE EPISODE, and fix what needs to be fixed
d) curl up in a ball and cry a bit
e) this is not a big deal, you are crazy

Opinions about the state of my life please!!

ps thank you [ profile] lysanderpuck for the heads up about this!!! is any group going to sub this ep?

EDIT: okay so i'm watching the episode now unsubbed but it's only Nino, Jun and a guest (I love Ueto Aya, she is goooorgeous) so that is bad as I'd thought? Bad, as in, "toppling the Jenga game of my fic TO THE GROUND." Okay, um. Yeah, I will still need to think on things.
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Hi everyone, I have something to figure out for a fic that would take me more than 10 minutes to google the answer for, so as always I turn to you, my intellectual superiors, if anyone is still passing by this LJ! (Because I'm still here too!)

QUESTION: Can you name three female Japanese celebrities that you can see Jun dating? It would be ideal if they were all a similar height, too. If you can only think of two people, then for the third person, please make up a very nice female Japanese name that sounds like a celebrity's?

Any help would be appreciated!

In exchange, here's a snippet of one of my..... numerous WIPs (it's not the one that the above question pertains to though):


PS. How is it that another school year is coming to a close? This shit is ridiculous. Something is wrong with our planet's gravity. I simply refuse to believe that days, months, and years pass by this quickly. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I ACTUALLY FINISHED A FIC OH MY GOD
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My computer went bluescreen while I had my fic open on Wordpad. When I opened the file again after restarting the computer, THE ENTIRE DOCUMENT IS BLANK. Like, the scrollbar is exactly the same size and the last modified time stamp is correct, but THERE ARE NO WORDS. WHERE ARE THE WORDS. WHERE ARE THE 25,000 WORDS I FUCKING WROTE ON THIS FUCKING DOCUMENT.

oh my god

oh my god i know wordpad doesn't have some fancy recovery feature but it's not supposed to screw up the OLD STUFF I SAVED

oh god oh god oh god


I'm already late for school, I don't have time to deal with this shit!!!!!!!!!!!! DHLKADJASD:LARUHFDSFJds dsjglkasutiora fsdjafjsaf;sa


Apr. 17th, 2011 08:11 pm
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Hey, open question:

I seem to recall some story of Ohno wandering off from filming and getting himself lost (or not lost?) and in the end everyone had to go look for him or something. Am I crazy and just imagining this? I can't find the anecdote from google. Does anyone else have anymore details about it?

Thanks for any help!
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what is the matter with this kid
I had originally photoshopped his head onto the owl, but it didn't look like a hideous creature of your worst nightmares like I had been hoping. It just looked like Chansung's head shopped onto an owl. :| I am sorely tempted to make a 2PM phylogenetic tree; someone please stop me.

Re: Super Junior. :(
I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but there's only so many ways you can take "Han Geng Submits Papers to Void Contract With SM," and they're all bad ways. Why right in the middle of SJ-M promotions, Hangeng! Wouldn't it be better to do it when the spotlight isn't glaring right on you. :\ idk man idk

Also, the new year is nine days away! In the interest of being a kindler, gentler, and hopefully more tolerable [ profile] primroseshows for you all in 2010, please fill out a complaint/suggestion form below. I will love you forever for it! Not that I don't already. But I can always love you more?

anon meme.

ps. I've started writing Arashi fic again! \o/ Yay.


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