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Not exactly original (seeing as how I even wrote this idea before -- which wasn't even really mine, by the way, the idea, thank you [ profile] aatash) but guys, BBC's Sherlock is warping my life like some kind of cosmic intervention, and with the last episode of season two coming up (!!!!! !!!!!), for some reason all I could think about was Nino and Ohno being Sherlock and John and having a happy ending instead of The Final Problem / The Empty House.

Nino is this acerbic, sharp-tongued, too-observant-for-his-own-good jerkface who likes to play games all day and is too lazy to hold a real job. Ohno is his slow-going and patient, good-natured, way-more-talented-than-his-face-might-suggest partner. Together they fight crime!! It was Ohno's suggestion, to start a detective agency, because he made some business cards for fun one day and Nino accidentally happened upon them and thought it was a hilarious way to live life. But the joke was on him, because he turned out to be really good at it and Ohno apparently had a natural talent with a various weaponry. The cases began as just a way to alleviate boredom and earn some cash, but as they got hired for more difficult ones, the pay got better and better until one day Nino looked at Ohno and said, "Ohmiya Industries is a shitty name, all things considered," and Ohno blinked and said back mildly, "Then you think of something better." But Nino couldn't, so the name stayed.

Sho is a doctor (a general practitioner who watches too many documentaries); he got to know Nino and Ohno after constant visits from the two of them in his walk-in clinic, and from then on occasionally gets called in to consult on their cases, and more often than not, is pulled in head first into more trouble than he ever cares to have. If Nino and Ohno weren't there to vouch for him in their statements, Sho probably could have been convicted for murder at least three times over the course of their friendship together. Admittedly, if Nino and Ohno hadn't gotten themselves into a horrible situation in the first place and called Sho for help, then Sho never would even have gotten implicated and would have been content to spend his evenings reading newspapers in front of a fire. Which is an activity that Sho misses doing, but not as much as he whines about. Sho actually likes the excitement, the thrill of the chase, but that's something he's still working on admitting to himself.

Aiba is a newly recruited cop, with a heart of gold and the speed of a cheetah, and he wants to prove himself to the world. He believes that people are inherently good, everyone deserves second chances, and the law is there to protect, not to harm. He's watched Nino and Ohno from afar, when the police ask for Nino's professional opinion about certain cases, but they've never been officially introduced. Except one time he follows Nino and Ohno around on the case and blows their cover. Nino ruins his life from then on in, until Aiba one day uses his miraculous intuition to find Ohno and Nino after one of their cases had gone terribly wrong and save both their lives by dumping a barrel of water on their would-be-murderer and then tossing his taser on him. Nino respects him after that, and if they need an officer to accompany them on cases, Aiba's the first one Nino asks for.

And Jun? Jun is a rich, influential, respected socialite, recently given responsibility to safekeep something extremely valuable to his family and his work, and unfortunately for him, he's just lost it. And this is where the story would start.

UGHHHHHHHH I want to write a legit mystery fic so BADLY it's stupid. This would require OCs though, and I can't do OCs, I really can't. DILEMMA!!!!! :F

click through for source; kazujun.tumblr

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