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So I think my one worthy accomplishment in life has been to introduce one of my best friends to the joy that is Arashi. Okay maybe I can't take all the credit, since she was sort of familiar with JE before and was a NEWS fan, but considering how much I went on and on about Arashi this and Arashi that in my emails to her (guys you would NOT believe how annoying I was), I like to think that I had a little to do with with it. /BRAGGING

WAIT ignore that html tag, I'm not actually done bragging yet.

She drew me fanart you guys! For The Magician!! She is an AMAZING artist and I am so lucky to know her and she is so nice to me and omg ;______; <33333

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Well, this is it, the last part! There is just something I wanted to clear up, before I conclude the fic. There are some unexplained or badly explained points in the fic, that just never ended up being addressed properly because of timing, or flow, or if it wasn't available knowledge to Ohno (because it's in his POV). So I will answer them here. I get very worried that I am leaving massive plot holes everywhere, so if there are any additional questions, please feel free to ask.

Q and A session! Feels sort of excessive, ha ha... )

For everyone who's read this far, I give you my sincere thanks, really. I tried hard with this one, so I hope it all made sense okay, and it was a fun read. Don't know if I'll be able to write something so long again very soon (this one took me months, lol - and I didn't have schoolwork to worry about during those months), but I do enjoy putting a plot in my stories, so maybe some day.

Edit: I lied. I was on the bus this morning and hit in the head with another plot-ful story idea. so. uh. I'll start working on that. (but I have so many other half-finished stories already why now)

ANYWAY. Here is the fic, I hope you enjoy.

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Title: The Magician
Rating: D for ~*danger*~

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Title: The Magician
Fandom: Arashi
Rating: PG-13 for instances of strong language. And mean things going on.
Notes: this chapter is quite long, I hope that is alright. Things are getting more dangerous now!

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Title: The Magician
Notes: this is a shorter chapter, sorry. (Or should I say, you're welcome?) Since I wrote the story as a whole, I'm not sure if the places I'm splitting up the parts are the best ones, but I hope they are not too abrupt or awkward. Please enjoy!

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Title: The Magician
Fandom: Arashi
Rating: PG for a few bad words.
Notes: Again, a friendly reminder that the other residents of the town are OCs. Don't be like, "I've never heard of this name before, what Johnny's group is he in?" because the answer is none!
Warning: things are getting more exciting!!

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Title: The Magician
Rating: PG for some coarse language
Other stuff: the usual, please see other posts because typing this up every time is sort of lame.

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Title: The Magician
Fandom: Arashi
Genre: AU, action, drama, strange
Rating: PG for strong language in this chapter.
Disclaimer: Again, I'm not hatin' on real life Johnny here. I just used his name for fun. Sorry if you're a big fan of this guy! (Because seriously, he's a dick in this story.)
Notes: the other people from the town are original characters. I was considering using the names of other Johnny's Entertainment boys but I'm not very familiar with any of them except Arashi. They're only mentioned fleetingly, so if you would like, you can pick another name to suit your tastes, and imagine that instead. That is a-okay with me.
Please also note: how fast I am updating! Pat on the back for me!

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Title: The Magician
Fandom: Arashi
Rating: PG for some swearing, although it might not be in this particular chapter. Or maybe it is! Hmm hmm I cannot keep track of these things.
Notes: It's sort of self-explanatory, but diits is money.
Please also note: Aspar is something I made up, there is no actual gemstone I am describing. Apparently (and I searched this up after I already posted this chapter) it is the name of a slightly notable person of the Roman empire.

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Title: The Magician
Fandom: Arashi
Genre: AU. And ... I guess it would be action and drama, although not exclusively. If "long" was a genre, I would say that it's "long."
Pairings: none, but Ohno and Nino are like total BFFs which should surprise no one.
Rating: PG for a bit of swearing.
Length: again, long. It's split up into ten parts. I wanted it in five, but LJ bitched that my posts were too large :(
Warnings: there's a plot!
Disclaimer: completely and utterly for fun. I have no idea what Johnny Kitagawa even looks like.

Notes: There was this interview with Arashi (I think, Utaban?) from many months ago where they were talking about Nino's magic tricks, and Nino expressed that he would love to star in a magician drama. I took this as a sign. At first I was just fooling around, but then a plot sort of formed by itself, so I had to continue with it, and now the whole thing is a 30,000+ word behemoth that has been fermenting on my computer for months and in my mind for even longer, just begging to see the light of day. WELL HERE IT IS, YOU STUPID STORY. NOW GET OUT OF MY HEAD.

Also, I have never finished something of this length before so I am really hoping that it all makes sense, in the end. Please let me know if it doesn't, and I will do my best to fix it.

(Worst Possible) Summary: Ohno's town is small, dismal and grey. One day, a stranger walks in.


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