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Last night, talking about my tendency to write too much:

[ profile] envoler: you rambled alot again n_n
[ profile] primroseshows: i have accepted it as unavoidable
[ profile] primroseshows: i can't be succint!
[ profile] envoler: you wouldn't be prim if you weren't tl;dr anyway
[ profile] primroseshows: OH WELL THANKS I GUESS
[ profile] primroseshows: I'm going to write a 500 word crack fic and dedicate it to you
[ profile] primroseshows: it will be the worst fic in the world
[ profile] primroseshows: and i will be like "THERE"
[ profile] primroseshows: "IN YO FACE"
[ profile] envoler: LMFAO
[ profile] envoler: DO IT
[ profile] envoler: I DARE YOU
[ profile] envoler: B/C I KNOW AFTER YOU WRITE IT
[ profile] envoler: YOU WILL BE LIKE
[ profile] envoler: FML THIS IS SO BAD. I CAN'T GIVE THIS TO NAT
[ profile] envoler: / WRITES MORE
[ profile] primroseshows: OKAY NO I WOULD NOT!!!!!
[ profile] envoler: / EXCEEDS 500 WORDS
[ profile] envoler: FML!!!!!
[ profile] primroseshows: 500 = 500!!!!
[ profile] primroseshows: but i would say FML a lot, yes i agree on this point
[ profile] envoler: LMAO
[ profile] primroseshows: okay i'll do this just to spite you
[ profile] primroseshows: any requests
[ profile] primroseshows: situation/pairing/rating
[ profile] envoler: taekjay!!!
[ profile] primroseshows: ok yes sure
[ profile] primroseshows: obvs
[ profile] envoler: someone calls or texts or IMs or e-mails the other and is like
[ profile] envoler: so, i heard you're getting married
[ profile] envoler: n_n
[ profile] primroseshows: is the marriage for real???
[ profile] primroseshows: or is it a misunderstanding
[ profile] envoler: DNO
[ profile] envoler: IT'S UP TO YOU
[ profile] envoler: or you could make it khunjay
[ profile] envoler: instead
[ profile] envoler: and be like
[ profile] envoler: SO WGM
[ profile] primroseshows: WOW THE POSSBILITIES
[ profile] envoler: HOW IS VICTORIA ;)
[ profile] envoler: I HEARD SHE LIKES SAMGYUPSAL ;)
[ profile] envoler: SOULMATES (L)

For [ profile] envoler, 500 words of Taec/Jay and weddings.
Hey bitch notice that there is not only an engagement in this fic, but an unrelated wedding too. Oh dang are you some sort of restaurant dish or something because you just got served.


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UGH, SCHOOL, I DON'T UNDERSTAND. YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE EASIER THIS SEMESTER! Guys I have to say this is BS. Whenever I'm about to have a day or afternoon free, something else suddenly comes up and I do not get that day or afternoon free. What the hell, this was not part of the deal, timetable! I'm hoping this is just early-semester busyness and will settle down by next week, because if not, someone is going to have to deal with a very, very unhappy [ profile] primroseshows. Who, you ask? ME. I WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH MYSELF. fml i hate when that happens

Anyway I came home today and found that [ profile] freefallskyline and [ profile] envoler messaged me about something that pretty much made my life: Someone put my Jayness Transfer pictures together into one macro (I don't know who), and then somehow, IT FOUND ITS WAY ONTO BESTIZ. LOLLLLLL.

What are the chances that Taec will search himself up on Bestiz and find that picture? omg omg I WOULD DIE. There's no way to trace the picture back to me (thank goodness, holy crap) but just the possibility of him seeing it at all is kind of hilarious. And by kind of I mean totally.

SO IN CELEBRATION OF THIS MOMENTOUS ACHIEVEMENT (snort), I made more stupid 2PM stuff. What's that you say? Pointless and irrelevant? Whatever, shut up, I don't care, HERE IS SOME AWKWARD TOSHIO FOR YOU ALL.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

THEME SONG: Awkward floating Toshio Head! Makin' things awkwaaard! You kinda want to slap him, but too bad! He's just an awkwardly floooating heaaaad! TOSHIO! )
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[ profile] je_holiday fic progress: 10%?? OTLLL

It's... longer than I thought it would be. Um. I'm going to get this done, I swear.

But sometimes I hit an area that I am too bored to write (how does this even happen, seriously) so to procrastinate give myself a little break, I did what I always do to relax: laugh at WITH 2PM. WITH, GUYS. With. As in, with love.

Anyway, do you really expect me to pass shit like this up:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

the scientific unit of jayness, no citation needed )


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