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I, um. I was planning to type out this whole explanation detailing my thoughts towards the rumours of 2PM's so-called true selves that would then perhaps justify why I still would consider myself a 2pm fan, but then as I started typing, I realized I didn't feel like it. I'm not here to preach or soapbox at anyone, and I trust in all of you to make your own choices in what to believe and where to go from there. As for me! 2PM upset me, of course, so to get myself over it, I drew some comics making fun of them and the now-infamous sasaeng accounts. Incidentally, even when 2PM hadn't upset me, I still made fun of them, so you can tell what a stellar individual I am. HEY. Hey. This is my method of coping, okay.

WARNINGS: NO SERIOUS BUSINESS ALLOWED HERE, PEOPLE. This was done for amusement only. Thanks! Also I am required by law to warn for awesome, high-quality, classy art that clearly took an insane amount of effort and talent to create, you guys don't even know!!!

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SO, UM, I WROTE SOME 2PM CHATS? And they actually look like chats! Gmail chats. I have no idea why it took me so long to figure out how to press that printscreen button, but there you go. IQ of a fucking rock. It's too late for me to go back and edit all the Arashi chats I wrote for Death Ray, but I'm pretty sure I'll still be writing Arashi chats again so they will likely be in this better format too! Unless you guys hate this format, in which case, you have to tell me or I'm just gonna stay on my high horse and giggle to myself because I finally managed to use the computer effectively.

I'm being generous with the word "effectively" here.

Okay some quick things:

1. [ profile] je_holiday: HOLY SHIT I AM FREAKING OUT BECAUSE I DON'T THINK I WILL BE ABLE TO FINISH IN TIME. AAAAAAAAAH. Okay okay let's calm down. Fic or bust! Give me fic or give me death! Let them eat fic! oh my god what am i even talking about, clearly the pressure is getting to me

2. Arashi: On a more serious note... Guys, I've been lurking around that Johnny's fic anon meme and it seems that there are people who have the impression that I've defected over to Korea, land of K-pop, and will never write Arashi again. This isn't true okay! I love K-pop but I love Arashi too and will continue to write for them! It's just taking me a while. I'm sorry! I was really, really shocked to learn this, but I think I've disappointed a lot of people with my absence from fandom, and for that I will never be able to apologize enough. Thank you everyone who's been patient with me. I'll work harder. ♥

3. School and everything associated with it: Still killing me softly. Let's not talk about it.

Here are the chats! As with most things that come out of my brain, they are not meant to be taken seriously. Arashi friends, if you want to read some Arashi chats that are actually LEGITIMATELY hilarious, I recommend [ profile] panpipe's here, which will forever define the genre of chat!fic for me, okay. Man, how creepy do I sound right now. I-I have her friended on Dreamwidth okay! Which I never use OTL

Chats! With extra Taec! )


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