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weekly prompts encouraging gratuitous arashi comment fic

The honest truth is that I'm not good at short fic guys, but I'm eager to get better! Will you join me to remark on my progress, aka. laugh at my attempts? Aw yiss you know it's gonna be a good time.

Pic unrelated!

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(So bitchin' ugly.)

PS. While drawing this I was wavering between "so bitching ugly" and "so doggone ugly" and in the end I chose the swear word; I now regret my decision. I think "doggone" was the better pun. Why you needed to know this? That is a mystery to me too.
PPS. Guys, here is an amazing, wonderful, beautiful Arashi fic that I am so glad that I took the time to read. If you'd like to read it too, that would be awesome. :')
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THANK YOU FOR WINNING YOUR MATCH, GERMANY!! I have nothing against Uruguay and they played a really great game, but the thing was that I bet Germany would win for no particular reason, so [ profile] harioto bet Uruguay, and she said if I won she would draw me something, and do you see where this is going.

Arashi/300 crossover. Yes, you read right.

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Everyone, do you know who is a great writer? Yes? Is your answer [ profile] aeslis? YES? GOOD.

[ profile] aeslis has done a batch of 30 drabbles this past month, and they are all fantastic, and I loved them so much that I harassed her into making a masterpost with all of them. HERE THEY ARE! Now you can thank me for making your life easier and getting all that greatness assembled into one post. Oh, and maybe thank [ profile] aeslis too, since she wrote them and stuff, whateva.

Hey, also, thank you for the kind anons who gave me the Milk and Cookies v-gifts! Have a poorly-drawn comic. ♥

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Hi everyone,

So I think by now everyone knows about this. From the Red Cross website:

"On January 12, 2010 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, followed by several powerful aftershocks, struck off the western coast of Haiti, causing buildings to collapse in Port au Prince and chaos as people fled the damage. It is estimated that 3 million people have been affected and 200,000 left homeless."

I've been reading a few articles about Haiti lately (like the rest of the world), and I've learned that 78% of the country lives in poverty, which means they survive on less than $2 (USD) a day. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. So even if you donate as little as 2 dollars, it all helps to make a difference. I've donated to the Red Cross because the Canadian government matches every dollar that is contributed by individual Canadians, so if you can find an organization that is willing to do the same, you can double your impact. With current death tolls estimated at over 100,000, Haiti is in great need of the entire world's help.

[ profile] help_haiti is organizing a fandom auction to help the earthquake victims. You can put your own fandom talents up for bid, or bid on your favourite fandom people. Here is my thread. I've never put work up for sale before so I don't know how this will turn out, but if someone is willing to donate, then I will most assuredly do my best to make that person happy. :) It's a small venture in the grand scheme of things, but Livejournal is a great community and every little bit counts, right?

Thanks. Stay safe and happy, everyone. ♥

EDIT: [ profile] mirai_nante omg girl you are fast. ;___; Thank you so much.

EDIT again: The auction is over! Thanks so much to everyone who bid, but a huge, huge thank you to [ profile] font particularly. This is probably obnoxious of me to make public but I just really want to share how amazed I am by her generosity. Everyone, [ profile] font not only donated the amount of her winning bid, but also the amount of the second place bid too, for a total of $126 to Doctors Without Borders. If that is not a shining example of pure kindness and altruism, I don't know what is. Thank you forever, [ profile] font!! ♥
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To everyone who has a Dreamwidth account and I guess even everyone who doesn't



Ch-ch-check out this fab community my homegirl [ profile] aeslis recently started up: Stormwriters! Basically we talk shop about Arashi and Arashi fic and writing about Arashi and writing about Arashi fic. Meta, yeah. Meaty delicious meta. LJ users can comment with OpenID! JOIN US! I can promise* you that you will become a better writer for it.

*Please keep in mind that my promises are only binding spiritually, not legally.

Now, to everyone who doesn't have a DW account:

If you'd like one, I have four invite codes that I would like to see go to happy homes! Leave me a comment or drop me a PM if you're interested!
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I've never heard any of the Brown Eyed Girls' songs before this one but if they are all this good then, then!! *___________________*

ETA: I really like the album too!


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