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what is the matter with this kid
I had originally photoshopped his head onto the owl, but it didn't look like a hideous creature of your worst nightmares like I had been hoping. It just looked like Chansung's head shopped onto an owl. :| I am sorely tempted to make a 2PM phylogenetic tree; someone please stop me.

Re: Super Junior. :(
I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but there's only so many ways you can take "Han Geng Submits Papers to Void Contract With SM," and they're all bad ways. Why right in the middle of SJ-M promotions, Hangeng! Wouldn't it be better to do it when the spotlight isn't glaring right on you. :\ idk man idk

Also, the new year is nine days away! In the interest of being a kindler, gentler, and hopefully more tolerable [ profile] primroseshows for you all in 2010, please fill out a complaint/suggestion form below. I will love you forever for it! Not that I don't already. But I can always love you more?

anon meme.

ps. I've started writing Arashi fic again! \o/ Yay.
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HEY! Time for some Truth or Dare!

TRUTH, you say? HMMMM.

Truth: I am half asleep as I type this and I do not not not want to go to work tomorrow.

Truth: I haven't written anything in a while, perhaps many of you have noticed this. I have a few things I'm working on, but none of them are even halfway done. I am kind of in a rut in that I will write a few paragraphs I think are okay, and then everything just deteriorates from there and then I get too angry to try to fix things and then I just sit at my desk and hate myself and think I deserve to be beaten with a sense stick. I KNOW. It is very emo and I am ashamed of myself too. I'm trying to get something out soon, but it's a battle between me and it and I am not winning.

Truth: I did participate in the Anon Meme but what I was actually hoping for was good, honest feedback about my writing because I want to improve and write as well as some of the other authors I know. Thank you to everyone who did comment for me, you guys really helped me a lot. But I was not aware that things like THIS FOLLOWING MEME existed.


To those who've already commented on that other meme, thank you so much, you don't have to comment again, I already love you. But if anyone else is willing to throw me a bone, CONCRIT ME UNTIL I BLEED PLEASE. I NEED A MAJOR KICK IN THE ASS.

In fact! That is your dare!

Thank you very much to those who commented!! You guys are incredible! You really know how to make a girl feel special and whenever I hit a writer's block, I know I'll come back to these comments for inspiration and encouragement. Also thank you so much to those who gave concrit! I will work harder on everything you guys mentioned, but especially my characterization because lots of people brought this up. While I know it is inevitable that some people will disagree on an author's characterization in fanfiction, there is always room for improvement!

Also someone mentioned that maybe serious fics weren't the best choice for me. To this person: thanks but I'm going to keep writing them! I'm now kind of determined to keep on writing them until I make one that you'll enjoy, even though I have no idea who you are, l-lol. I will try to do some more research though, as you suggested! :)


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