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If this has already been done, I wouldn't be surprised. (Edit: It has.) But I just spent like 3 hours making it, so... shut up. PS. I actually like Eames slightly more than Arthur but Eames didn't climb up a motherfucking wall like a motherfucking boss. In conclusion, Inception is a hot movie.

Hey, about Arashi's Boku no Miteiru Fuukei? Nino's solo is great! Very great. Once again he impresses me by coming out with a new style and still making a lovely song. I really like Summer Splash and Kagero too. Actually I seem to like disc 2 a lot more than disc 1, although I hated Sho's solo at first listen and now a few plays later it is growing on me, fast, like some kind of overeager fungus. I mean that in the nicest way though. ♥ Ohno's is nice; the lyrics are beautifully sad. Aiba's... all right, but could be more catchy? More bubbly? I'm not sure. Jun's... I'm not a big fan of. Looking forward to him laser-lighting it up like an 80's disco during his solo performance though, which I can totally imagine from listening to the song but may only happen in my own happy delusions.

I've been really busy lately (like, with things that will affect my LIFE, not just my grades/sanity/sleep schedule), so I'll probably whine a little about that soon. In the meantime, I hope you all are happy and well! ♥ Listen to 1992*4##111 and lament with me that Nino doesn't actually have a line in the song where he goes one nine nine two star four pound pound one one one. I WAS HOPING. FOR THIS. SO MUCH. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO FUNNY. BINARY SOLO! 0000001 00000011
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UGH, SCHOOL, I DON'T UNDERSTAND. YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE EASIER THIS SEMESTER! Guys I have to say this is BS. Whenever I'm about to have a day or afternoon free, something else suddenly comes up and I do not get that day or afternoon free. What the hell, this was not part of the deal, timetable! I'm hoping this is just early-semester busyness and will settle down by next week, because if not, someone is going to have to deal with a very, very unhappy [ profile] primroseshows. Who, you ask? ME. I WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH MYSELF. fml i hate when that happens

Anyway I came home today and found that [ profile] freefallskyline and [ profile] envoler messaged me about something that pretty much made my life: Someone put my Jayness Transfer pictures together into one macro (I don't know who), and then somehow, IT FOUND ITS WAY ONTO BESTIZ. LOLLLLLL.

What are the chances that Taec will search himself up on Bestiz and find that picture? omg omg I WOULD DIE. There's no way to trace the picture back to me (thank goodness, holy crap) but just the possibility of him seeing it at all is kind of hilarious. And by kind of I mean totally.

SO IN CELEBRATION OF THIS MOMENTOUS ACHIEVEMENT (snort), I made more stupid 2PM stuff. What's that you say? Pointless and irrelevant? Whatever, shut up, I don't care, HERE IS SOME AWKWARD TOSHIO FOR YOU ALL.

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THEME SONG: Awkward floating Toshio Head! Makin' things awkwaaard! You kinda want to slap him, but too bad! He's just an awkwardly floooating heaaaad! TOSHIO! )
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Whew, it only cost a hundred million research dollars, but I've managed to compile the data needed to create another ground-breaking graph.

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1. With thanks to [ profile] rhythmia for the idea.
2. First graph.
3. [ profile] purexoxo said that there could be a thesis written about that first graph, and I said the appendices would be filled with nothing but half-naked photoshoots, and somewhere, somehow, the wonderful [ profile] toinkydoink decided to make both our dreams come true. Guys you can be educated while looking at half-naked Arashi. I can think of no better deal in life.


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