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I have exams/final projects due this coming Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, oh my goodness, this is horrid. Then right afterwards I need to start working hardcore on my [ profile] kpop_olymfics entry, which is due way soon, way sooner than I anticipated, and ugh, what is the matter with me! Every time I enter a fic contest I end up thinking of a huge plot that I never have enough time to write properly, and then I just end up scrapping the whole idea and writing another shorter fic in a totally different direction, entirely within the week of the deadline. I tried hard not to do it this time, but alas. ALAS. Well, we'll see what happens, but my confidence about being able to pull the idea off now is... hrm, shall we say, questionable. My face right now is like this :G EXACTLY. (It's a vomiting face?)

(ps. [ profile] font, if you're reading this, I'm still working on both your [ profile] help_haiti fics! T___T Endless apologies for the delay.)

Well despite what I may complain about, the point of this post was to thank the four anons who gave me those Frank v-gifts! I don't know who you are (well, I have hunches for two of you), so I thought I'd just make a quick thank-you-very-much post about it, why not! I do what I want on my journal. I'm not even wearing a shirt right now because it's hot! I'm a total rebel without a cause. HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, EVERYONE.

Okay but here, in gratitude, have a ridiculous thing I drew just now because I'm avoiding studying! I have no explanation for it, I just had this urge to draw Jay with a pokeball, so I did. No I'm not on drugs, but thank you for asking.

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edit: I changed the enemy pokemon from Starmie to Okcat because yeah.
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I, um. I was planning to type out this whole explanation detailing my thoughts towards the rumours of 2PM's so-called true selves that would then perhaps justify why I still would consider myself a 2pm fan, but then as I started typing, I realized I didn't feel like it. I'm not here to preach or soapbox at anyone, and I trust in all of you to make your own choices in what to believe and where to go from there. As for me! 2PM upset me, of course, so to get myself over it, I drew some comics making fun of them and the now-infamous sasaeng accounts. Incidentally, even when 2PM hadn't upset me, I still made fun of them, so you can tell what a stellar individual I am. HEY. Hey. This is my method of coping, okay.

WARNINGS: NO SERIOUS BUSINESS ALLOWED HERE, PEOPLE. This was done for amusement only. Thanks! Also I am required by law to warn for awesome, high-quality, classy art that clearly took an insane amount of effort and talent to create, you guys don't even know!!!

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