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MORE (random) GOOD OMENS AU??? Sho the angel and Nino the demon and WOW POCKY YOU HAVE GREAT COMMERCIAL IDEAS:

"The horns are a nice touch," says Sho, because what else can one say when Nino comes striding into your bookshop in full devil costume and scares all your customers away with one sharply-curled, menacingly-innocent smile? It's 10 in the morning on a Saturday. It's the middle of June. Sho wonders if Nino is sweating buckets under all those fur and feathers and then he remembers Nino doesn't sweat.

"It's not a fashion trend," Nino says, leveling an unimpressed look at Sho.

"Then what is it? Making a blatantly unironic and therefore ironic statement?"

"Ha ha. Laugh it up. If you must know, I woke up like this. Apparently someone's trying to out me."

That's not surprising. Nino pisses off a lot of people. No, wait, it is surprising, because Nino pisses off a lot of people because he's smarter than them, and people who've tried to mess with him in the past have not gotten away unscathed.

"Who?" Sho asks warily.

"My best guess? Some brat named Chinen. He's one of yours." He makes a face, as if being an angel is comparable to having some kind of uncontrollable flatulence problem. "He's had it out for me ever since he discovered Oh-chan. Someone should tell the kid that jealousy's a sin."

"Well, what are you going to do about it?"

"I came here, didn't I?" Nino scowls. "Change me back to normal."

Sho blinks at him. "I don't know how to do that."

"You're kidding me."

Sho grins. "Yeah I am. I don't know though, it's kind of funny."

"Sho-chan," Nino growls, stalking up to him. His eyes flash red, and he actually has fangs. His horns are gleaming in a way that shouldn't be physically possible, under the sallow yellow lights of Sho's shop. Something dark flicks quickly, behind him, like a warning.

"Is that - did he give you a tail?" Sho asks, but it's clear Chinen did. A pointy black devil's tail, as if it was peeled from the most stereotypical cartoonish representation of demons in human media possible. Sho clamps a hand to his mouth, but he can't muffle all the laughter.

Nino bristles. His feathers actually shiver. That just makes Sho laugh harder.

"Some friend you are!" Nino says, and bustles out of the shop, tail swishing in irritation. Outside, a woman gives a shriek and Nino's voice yells back, voice muted by the distance, "What, lady, you've never seen an agent of darkness before? Hold onto your ugly kid's hand before he runs into a car."

Sho covers his face.

Nino doesn't come back for the rest of the day, but the next morning, Sho wakes up to find a few black feathers lingering at the edge of his pillow, and when he trudges blearily to the washroom, he realizes that there's a halo glued to the top of his head. Not like, a real halo, which They had abolished centuries back in an effort to make the entire Good department more approachable and personable. But a sparkly yellow halo made of pipe cleaners, a paper plate, and lots of glitter.

Sho sighs and goes to his closet for a hat.
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GUYS, Himitsu no Arashi-chan this week had Arashi living together in a house?!?! WHO AUTHORIZED THIS AND WHY WASN'T I CONSULTED?!?!?!?!?!?! okay no of course i wouldn't be consulted that is ridiculous, i feel ridiculous

SO THE THING IS that I'm writing a huge story now where Arashi lives in a house together (mentioned in the previous post)...

WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS NEW INFORMATION? I'm only like 2/3 finished the fic!! D:

My fear is that if I watch the episode (and come on, now I have to watch it), I'll have to change huge parts of my fic because my characterization isn't right (and come on, it won't be, because fic Arashi in a house vs ACTUAL ARASHI in a house?!?! what is even the contest here). I'm in favour of improving stories to fit characterizations but guys I worked so hard on this one, I really don't want to up and rewrite the whole thing. T_____T i'm actually distraught right now

a) post one part of it RIGHT NOW
b) wait till I finish to post all of it, but DO NOT WATCH THE EPISODE
c) wait till I finish to post all of it, and WATCH THE EPISODE, and fix what needs to be fixed
d) curl up in a ball and cry a bit
e) this is not a big deal, you are crazy

Opinions about the state of my life please!!

ps thank you [ profile] lysanderpuck for the heads up about this!!! is any group going to sub this ep?

EDIT: okay so i'm watching the episode now unsubbed but it's only Nino, Jun and a guest (I love Ueto Aya, she is goooorgeous) so that is bad as I'd thought? Bad, as in, "toppling the Jenga game of my fic TO THE GROUND." Okay, um. Yeah, I will still need to think on things.
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Guys, I finished a big paper recently and I thought I would celebrate by procrastinating on my next big paper (AKA MY THESIS?!?!?!) by writing some Arashi fic! WHOOOOOO

So I'm 20K into this [ profile] help_japan fill that I'm really excited about. I'm really nervous about it too, because in terms of writing style, I think it's kind of different from anything else I've written, but not in any way that I think is obvious to anyone but me. Explaining this change would be really weird and confusing for you and I both, so let's just say that I'm pleased with how it's developing, mostly (as much as I can be without being overly optimistic, I guess?), and can't wait to finish it and post it! This finishing business is going to take a bit more time, unfortunately, but I've still got a lot more story to get down and I really want it to turn out well, so I'm really spending a lot of time on it. The prompt was very nice and I hope I can do it justice, so.

IN THE MEANTIME my hero in life [ profile] harioto continues to shower me with joy I don't deserve by drawing me amazing things like Nino and Sho as Crowley and Aziraphale of Good Omens, respectively. In exchange, I promised her I'd write her a little something, and here is that something.

So obviously this was meant to be a Good Omens crossover, but I kind of butchered it??? There's barely any Good Omens lore in it, other than it's about this Antichrist kid but ACTUALLY about the relationship between an angel and a demon, neither of whom are very good at their jobs. Hey, if you're looking for a quality fic blog, please allow me to point you in the opposite direction.

oh man no guarantees any of the last 1,000 words will make any sense because it's 2am in the morning SSSSHHHH just go with it please )
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Hi everyone, I have something to figure out for a fic that would take me more than 10 minutes to google the answer for, so as always I turn to you, my intellectual superiors, if anyone is still passing by this LJ! (Because I'm still here too!)

QUESTION: Can you name three female Japanese celebrities that you can see Jun dating? It would be ideal if they were all a similar height, too. If you can only think of two people, then for the third person, please make up a very nice female Japanese name that sounds like a celebrity's?

Any help would be appreciated!

In exchange, here's a snippet of one of my..... numerous WIPs (it's not the one that the above question pertains to though):


PS. How is it that another school year is coming to a close? This shit is ridiculous. Something is wrong with our planet's gravity. I simply refuse to believe that days, months, and years pass by this quickly. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I ACTUALLY FINISHED A FIC OH MY GOD
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Not exactly original (seeing as how I even wrote this idea before -- which wasn't even really mine, by the way, the idea, thank you [ profile] aatash) but guys, BBC's Sherlock is warping my life like some kind of cosmic intervention, and with the last episode of season two coming up (!!!!! !!!!!), for some reason all I could think about was Nino and Ohno being Sherlock and John and having a happy ending instead of The Final Problem / The Empty House.

mad plot ramblings within, not to be taken seriously )

UGHHHHHHHH I want to write a legit mystery fic so BADLY it's stupid. This would require OCs though, and I can't do OCs, I really can't. DILEMMA!!!!! :F

click through for source; kazujun.tumblr

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Hey everyone! Hope you all had a very merry holiday season and are ready for the End of Days! I've got everything I need to survive the apocalypse: paranoia, an umbrella, and a diet consisting of nothing but chicken nuggets and Coke so my flesh will taste unsavoury to even the most desperate of people.

Just kidding. Spending some time at home with the parents, sleeping in, and ignoring all matter related to school-life. This will kick me in the ass later, very hard in fact, but have you ever known me to be one of those people who "thinks about the future"? No. Some better people might make some kind of New Year's resolution about this, but I can confidently say that I am not one of those people.

Besides working on [ profile] help_japan fics, I decided to go ahead and write that God!AU that I have previously flirted with here and here. Yes, apparently it's a real "thing" now. A "thing" is a fic that I'm taking seriously. Granted, this doesn't always work out in the fic's favour, but it's better than just leaving the idea to rot in the far, dark corners of my hard drive. HOPEFULLY I DIDN'T JUST JINX MYSELF. DANG.

Anyway, here's the first part of it. It's about ~3,000 words and neither Nino nor Ohno nor Jun have shown up yet. JFC what is the matter with me.

PS: to the Japanese speakers on my f-list, if I use the words Tsuchi, Kaze, Hi, and Mizu, does that mean Earth, Air, Fire, and Water? I'm going from Wikipedia here, but it doesn't hurt to check with the experts. I've never heard the term "Hi" before. :/

feedback is totally welcome; everything's still in its early stages so i'm open to large corrections )

Also!!! I've started writing 2PM again. Well, it's more correct to say that I never exactly stopped, but I've fallen way out of touch with 2PM lately since their Japanese promotions, so I've been doing things less than half-heartedly. This one though, I actually want to finish. Fair warning, it's got Jay in it. And it's about reunions. T___T UGH IDEK GUYS I wanted to write something happy and hilarious and instead this mess came out, which is basically a poorly-disguised way for me to cut open my chest and slam my heart through the laptop screen. ~FEELINGS~ OKAY!!! I've written more than I'm posting, but the rest is very badly developed/paced and I just want to know if people would be interested in reading a story like this or if I should stop entirely and let things lie and am I being terribly cheesy and cliche for wanting a reunion fic and it's not like I haven't let things go, because I have, and don't want to make a "big deal" out of how things turned out since I'm fine with it all but OKAY WHATEVER JUST READ IT IF YOU WANT OR DON'T IDK omg I am terrible and going to shut up now ugh D;

don't get confused; the fic is 2PM-centric, I swear )

One last thing! I haven't pimped this here yet, but my good friend and the very talented [ profile] harioto has one of THE BEST tumblrs ever, and I'm sure you'd agree if you'd care to take a gander here! ARASHI COMICS YOU GUYS!! SO GOOD, SHIT ♥____♥
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omfg so frustrated with a lot of school stuff right now so i decided to push all that away for a while and write stuff, WHY NOT, I'M ALREADY SCREWED

Remember this ficlet I wrote randomly where Nino and Aiba are gods and Sho's a desperate farmer in way over his head? No? That's okay, because I don't think anyone read it haha. Regardless, I personally thought the idea was very clever, so I randomly wrote another ficlet for it. Like the last one, I made it up as I went along, so it's not as if I have a plot or anything in mind. But omg guys this universe is fun; I might keep on going with it, maybe maybe.

ps if you're gonna read this one, you should read that first link too to know the situation, because it's kind of a continuation

1000 words of Sho on his knees BUT NOT LIKE THAT LOL )
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This was a spur-of-the-moment thing. Just an exercise to see if I can actually write "short" fic. Conclusion: not really.

(PS. this is not even read over by me. I basically wrote it and then directly copy+pasted it here. THUMBS UP FOR QUALITY CONTROL!)

Fandom: Arashi
Word count: 1,223
Notes: Warnings for character death. Also warnings for using Western wedding traditions because I'm not really sure how weddings in Japan work and I didn't want to look it up because if given the chance to double-guess myself, I'd end up not posting anything.

this too shall pass )
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So. I'm pretty sure I lost Aret's entire fic, plus all my notes that were in the same document.

Pretty upset about this. (Understatement.)

Gonna rewrite it; but it might take me ages and it's definitely not going to be the same as the original version. The thought of starting over from the beginning is extremely daunting to me, so I wrote a short ficlet to try to ease myself into the idea of it. Just thought I'd post it here, why not.

Has nothing to do with the original story, except the themes are similar. IDK IDK just let me get my frustration off my chest okay, it's like releasing pressure from a pop bottle or something, if I don't get something out I might explode, crappy as this may be.


Sho/Nino; R; the start of a complication; very short )


Apr. 17th, 2011 08:11 pm
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Hey, open question:

I seem to recall some story of Ohno wandering off from filming and getting himself lost (or not lost?) and in the end everyone had to go look for him or something. Am I crazy and just imagining this? I can't find the anecdote from google. Does anyone else have anymore details about it?

Thanks for any help!
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(especially you, [ profile] harioto )

I am a wingman because boy, am I winging this. )

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Hi again~

I realize that I've pretty much stopped updating LJ in recent months. Sorry about this. First year of grad school has been very busy: lab work, TAing, classes, research, lab meetings; keeping myself fed and my apartment tidy is a major undertaking too, haha. My routine these days consists of getting home from school late in the evening and barely get any homework done before I succumb to "a short, one hour nap" and waking up late for first period the next morning, with gross stuff in my mouth because I'd been too lazy to brush the night before. I'm a slow worker, so coupled with school giving me quite a lot of work, time passes more quickly than I can understand and I don't ever seem to get anything done to show for it. I go to school on weekends, too, so there's no respite there.

That being said, I miss LJ like a crazy cat lady whose cats have all been taken away, and I miss all of you guys, and I miss fic LIKE FUCKING FUCK. So classes being over (this doesn't actually affect me a lot as I still go to the lab everyday) and me being a procrastinator (as ever), I thought I'd take some time to do a quick update here, just catch up! And to make sure that my account isn't frozen from inactivity or something. Does LJ do that? ...Let's not find out.

ALSO, for the hell of it, a WIP UPDATE. I like/dislike doing these because I am a paranoid shit so I think they jinx me, but lately I feel the need to prove that yes, I'm still writing things, just... very slowly. >__> The question nowadays is, will I get enough time to finish the fics before I get tired of trying? NOT IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT. IT IS A BATTLE OF ENDURANCE, MY FRIENDS, AND I WILL PROVE TO BE THE VICTOR. I promise they are interesting stories (or at least I think they are, lolol). I've never really been good at posting short, fluffy fics just for the sake of posting them, so I don't think I'd be able to start now. In the meantime, I humbly ask for your patience.


Anyway. I hope all you lovely people are doing well. Good luck with exams if you have them, but otherwise, I wish you a very safe and warm and happy holiday season. ♥

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If this has already been done, I wouldn't be surprised. (Edit: It has.) But I just spent like 3 hours making it, so... shut up. PS. I actually like Eames slightly more than Arthur but Eames didn't climb up a motherfucking wall like a motherfucking boss. In conclusion, Inception is a hot movie.

Hey, about Arashi's Boku no Miteiru Fuukei? Nino's solo is great! Very great. Once again he impresses me by coming out with a new style and still making a lovely song. I really like Summer Splash and Kagero too. Actually I seem to like disc 2 a lot more than disc 1, although I hated Sho's solo at first listen and now a few plays later it is growing on me, fast, like some kind of overeager fungus. I mean that in the nicest way though. ♥ Ohno's is nice; the lyrics are beautifully sad. Aiba's... all right, but could be more catchy? More bubbly? I'm not sure. Jun's... I'm not a big fan of. Looking forward to him laser-lighting it up like an 80's disco during his solo performance though, which I can totally imagine from listening to the song but may only happen in my own happy delusions.

I've been really busy lately (like, with things that will affect my LIFE, not just my grades/sanity/sleep schedule), so I'll probably whine a little about that soon. In the meantime, I hope you all are happy and well! ♥ Listen to 1992*4##111 and lament with me that Nino doesn't actually have a line in the song where he goes one nine nine two star four pound pound one one one. I WAS HOPING. FOR THIS. SO MUCH. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO FUNNY. BINARY SOLO! 0000001 00000011
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weekly prompts encouraging gratuitous arashi comment fic

The honest truth is that I'm not good at short fic guys, but I'm eager to get better! Will you join me to remark on my progress, aka. laugh at my attempts? Aw yiss you know it's gonna be a good time.

Pic unrelated!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(So bitchin' ugly.)

PS. While drawing this I was wavering between "so bitching ugly" and "so doggone ugly" and in the end I chose the swear word; I now regret my decision. I think "doggone" was the better pun. Why you needed to know this? That is a mystery to me too.
PPS. Guys, here is an amazing, wonderful, beautiful Arashi fic that I am so glad that I took the time to read. If you'd like to read it too, that would be awesome. :')
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THANK YOU FOR WINNING YOUR MATCH, GERMANY!! I have nothing against Uruguay and they played a really great game, but the thing was that I bet Germany would win for no particular reason, so [ profile] harioto bet Uruguay, and she said if I won she would draw me something, and do you see where this is going.

Arashi/300 crossover. Yes, you read right.

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Yes, it's that time again! Time for me to make my bimonthly "oh sup, still alive guiz" post! Shut up, I've just lead a boring life lately, okay, I had very little to update about.

So I'm currently trying to write my fics for [ profile] font (for her winning [ profile] help_haiti bid) -- yes, they are ten years late in coming, um, I... am very sorry about this. I don't have much of an excuse other than I didn't want the fic to suck, and it would have sucked had I written it while I had other things due, so... yup. Anyway, I'm really trying to get back into Arashi as much as possible right now, so if you guys have any handy links, pics, gifs, etc., that show the group at its recent best (or recent worst), that would be appreciated immensely!

In exchange, here is the basically ALL of the Aiba/Nino fic that I've so far written for [ profile] font which I am now scrapping because it wasn't going in the way I wanted it to. The plot will stay the same, but the style will be different, I think. SO DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS!

Warnings: mentions of sex, lack of proofreading so possibility of lots of typos, oh and did I mention that I am kind of rusty with writing Arashi, sob T________T

illegal uses of household machines )

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Everyone, do you know who is a great writer? Yes? Is your answer [ profile] aeslis? YES? GOOD.

[ profile] aeslis has done a batch of 30 drabbles this past month, and they are all fantastic, and I loved them so much that I harassed her into making a masterpost with all of them. HERE THEY ARE! Now you can thank me for making your life easier and getting all that greatness assembled into one post. Oh, and maybe thank [ profile] aeslis too, since she wrote them and stuff, whateva.

Hey, also, thank you for the kind anons who gave me the Milk and Cookies v-gifts! Have a poorly-drawn comic. ♥

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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So I think my one worthy accomplishment in life has been to introduce one of my best friends to the joy that is Arashi. Okay maybe I can't take all the credit, since she was sort of familiar with JE before and was a NEWS fan, but considering how much I went on and on about Arashi this and Arashi that in my emails to her (guys you would NOT believe how annoying I was), I like to think that I had a little to do with with it. /BRAGGING

WAIT ignore that html tag, I'm not actually done bragging yet.

She drew me fanart you guys! For The Magician!! She is an AMAZING artist and I am so lucky to know her and she is so nice to me and omg ;______; <33333


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