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I got a twitter, here it is:

Follow me if you like! I mean, I'm not very good at keeping on top of LJ, so no guarantees with twitter, but lots of people have encouraged me to get one and for a long time I dragged my heels about this since I was sure the concept of "having stuff to tweet about" was lost on me, but then I thought, "why are you being such an old fart and avoiding twitter? Next thing you know, you'll be complaining about how kids these days don't appreciate Pokemon properly or how current pop music really isn't as catchy as it was ten years ago." Then I realized I've thought both of these things before and next thing you know, BAM twitter account!

If I don't have anything interesting to tweet about, I'm planning to lie. Just a heads up.
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If this has already been done, I wouldn't be surprised. (Edit: It has.) But I just spent like 3 hours making it, so... shut up. PS. I actually like Eames slightly more than Arthur but Eames didn't climb up a motherfucking wall like a motherfucking boss. In conclusion, Inception is a hot movie.

Hey, about Arashi's Boku no Miteiru Fuukei? Nino's solo is great! Very great. Once again he impresses me by coming out with a new style and still making a lovely song. I really like Summer Splash and Kagero too. Actually I seem to like disc 2 a lot more than disc 1, although I hated Sho's solo at first listen and now a few plays later it is growing on me, fast, like some kind of overeager fungus. I mean that in the nicest way though. ♥ Ohno's is nice; the lyrics are beautifully sad. Aiba's... all right, but could be more catchy? More bubbly? I'm not sure. Jun's... I'm not a big fan of. Looking forward to him laser-lighting it up like an 80's disco during his solo performance though, which I can totally imagine from listening to the song but may only happen in my own happy delusions.

I've been really busy lately (like, with things that will affect my LIFE, not just my grades/sanity/sleep schedule), so I'll probably whine a little about that soon. In the meantime, I hope you all are happy and well! ♥ Listen to 1992*4##111 and lament with me that Nino doesn't actually have a line in the song where he goes one nine nine two star four pound pound one one one. I WAS HOPING. FOR THIS. SO MUCH. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO FUNNY. BINARY SOLO! 0000001 00000011
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Christopher Nolan, I concede. I love your work. I love it so much that I wanted to be able to make it. I used to think that with a little hard work, a lot of patience, and my own imagination, I could one day write as brilliant a story as you can.

Today, I have been humbled.



[EDIT] Some good links to share:
1. Some explanations for the movie to clear up general questions (of course many theories are conflicting): one (some quick and dirty answers; multiple theories), two (quite lengthy and gives a good overview about the entire premise and characters), three (very well-written meta look on the entire film and its real purpose). Oh, and this, a Q and A session with Dileep Rao (Yusuf) about his answers to Inception's questions.
2. Hans Zimmer playing "Time" live at the premiere of Inception. Seriously: shivers.
3. A really cool minimalistic Inception poster. This artist's movie posters are all really great eye candy.
4. A 19-page comic that acts as an immediate prequel to the events of the movie. You can download it or view it online!
6. Perfect.
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weekly prompts encouraging gratuitous arashi comment fic

The honest truth is that I'm not good at short fic guys, but I'm eager to get better! Will you join me to remark on my progress, aka. laugh at my attempts? Aw yiss you know it's gonna be a good time.

Pic unrelated!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(So bitchin' ugly.)

PS. While drawing this I was wavering between "so bitching ugly" and "so doggone ugly" and in the end I chose the swear word; I now regret my decision. I think "doggone" was the better pun. Why you needed to know this? That is a mystery to me too.
PPS. Guys, here is an amazing, wonderful, beautiful Arashi fic that I am so glad that I took the time to read. If you'd like to read it too, that would be awesome. :')
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THANK YOU FOR WINNING YOUR MATCH, GERMANY!! I have nothing against Uruguay and they played a really great game, but the thing was that I bet Germany would win for no particular reason, so [ profile] harioto bet Uruguay, and she said if I won she would draw me something, and do you see where this is going.

Arashi/300 crossover. Yes, you read right.

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Last night, talking about my tendency to write too much:

[ profile] envoler: you rambled alot again n_n
[ profile] primroseshows: i have accepted it as unavoidable
[ profile] primroseshows: i can't be succint!
[ profile] envoler: you wouldn't be prim if you weren't tl;dr anyway
[ profile] primroseshows: OH WELL THANKS I GUESS
[ profile] primroseshows: I'm going to write a 500 word crack fic and dedicate it to you
[ profile] primroseshows: it will be the worst fic in the world
[ profile] primroseshows: and i will be like "THERE"
[ profile] primroseshows: "IN YO FACE"
[ profile] envoler: LMFAO
[ profile] envoler: DO IT
[ profile] envoler: I DARE YOU
[ profile] envoler: B/C I KNOW AFTER YOU WRITE IT
[ profile] envoler: YOU WILL BE LIKE
[ profile] envoler: FML THIS IS SO BAD. I CAN'T GIVE THIS TO NAT
[ profile] envoler: / WRITES MORE
[ profile] primroseshows: OKAY NO I WOULD NOT!!!!!
[ profile] envoler: / EXCEEDS 500 WORDS
[ profile] envoler: FML!!!!!
[ profile] primroseshows: 500 = 500!!!!
[ profile] primroseshows: but i would say FML a lot, yes i agree on this point
[ profile] envoler: LMAO
[ profile] primroseshows: okay i'll do this just to spite you
[ profile] primroseshows: any requests
[ profile] primroseshows: situation/pairing/rating
[ profile] envoler: taekjay!!!
[ profile] primroseshows: ok yes sure
[ profile] primroseshows: obvs
[ profile] envoler: someone calls or texts or IMs or e-mails the other and is like
[ profile] envoler: so, i heard you're getting married
[ profile] envoler: n_n
[ profile] primroseshows: is the marriage for real???
[ profile] primroseshows: or is it a misunderstanding
[ profile] envoler: DNO
[ profile] envoler: IT'S UP TO YOU
[ profile] envoler: or you could make it khunjay
[ profile] envoler: instead
[ profile] envoler: and be like
[ profile] envoler: SO WGM
[ profile] primroseshows: WOW THE POSSBILITIES
[ profile] envoler: HOW IS VICTORIA ;)
[ profile] envoler: I HEARD SHE LIKES SAMGYUPSAL ;)
[ profile] envoler: SOULMATES (L)

For [ profile] envoler, 500 words of Taec/Jay and weddings.
Hey bitch notice that there is not only an engagement in this fic, but an unrelated wedding too. Oh dang are you some sort of restaurant dish or something because you just got served.


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Yes, it's that time again! Time for me to make my bimonthly "oh sup, still alive guiz" post! Shut up, I've just lead a boring life lately, okay, I had very little to update about.

So I'm currently trying to write my fics for [ profile] font (for her winning [ profile] help_haiti bid) -- yes, they are ten years late in coming, um, I... am very sorry about this. I don't have much of an excuse other than I didn't want the fic to suck, and it would have sucked had I written it while I had other things due, so... yup. Anyway, I'm really trying to get back into Arashi as much as possible right now, so if you guys have any handy links, pics, gifs, etc., that show the group at its recent best (or recent worst), that would be appreciated immensely!

In exchange, here is the basically ALL of the Aiba/Nino fic that I've so far written for [ profile] font which I am now scrapping because it wasn't going in the way I wanted it to. The plot will stay the same, but the style will be different, I think. SO DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS!

Warnings: mentions of sex, lack of proofreading so possibility of lots of typos, oh and did I mention that I am kind of rusty with writing Arashi, sob T________T

illegal uses of household machines )

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Everyone, do you know who is a great writer? Yes? Is your answer [ profile] aeslis? YES? GOOD.

[ profile] aeslis has done a batch of 30 drabbles this past month, and they are all fantastic, and I loved them so much that I harassed her into making a masterpost with all of them. HERE THEY ARE! Now you can thank me for making your life easier and getting all that greatness assembled into one post. Oh, and maybe thank [ profile] aeslis too, since she wrote them and stuff, whateva.

Hey, also, thank you for the kind anons who gave me the Milk and Cookies v-gifts! Have a poorly-drawn comic. ♥

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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I have exams/final projects due this coming Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, oh my goodness, this is horrid. Then right afterwards I need to start working hardcore on my [ profile] kpop_olymfics entry, which is due way soon, way sooner than I anticipated, and ugh, what is the matter with me! Every time I enter a fic contest I end up thinking of a huge plot that I never have enough time to write properly, and then I just end up scrapping the whole idea and writing another shorter fic in a totally different direction, entirely within the week of the deadline. I tried hard not to do it this time, but alas. ALAS. Well, we'll see what happens, but my confidence about being able to pull the idea off now is... hrm, shall we say, questionable. My face right now is like this :G EXACTLY. (It's a vomiting face?)

(ps. [ profile] font, if you're reading this, I'm still working on both your [ profile] help_haiti fics! T___T Endless apologies for the delay.)

Well despite what I may complain about, the point of this post was to thank the four anons who gave me those Frank v-gifts! I don't know who you are (well, I have hunches for two of you), so I thought I'd just make a quick thank-you-very-much post about it, why not! I do what I want on my journal. I'm not even wearing a shirt right now because it's hot! I'm a total rebel without a cause. HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, EVERYONE.

Okay but here, in gratitude, have a ridiculous thing I drew just now because I'm avoiding studying! I have no explanation for it, I just had this urge to draw Jay with a pokeball, so I did. No I'm not on drugs, but thank you for asking.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
edit: I changed the enemy pokemon from Starmie to Okcat because yeah.


Mar. 8th, 2010 09:26 pm
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to get caught up with schoolwork
(yes yes I can see how shocked you all are)

Just for two weeks or so. A few more weeks than that, I'm afraid. Can you see my agony face? Here it is in emoticon form: )8@??? Sometimes I forget that even though deadlines seem to be plenty far away at the beginning of the semester, they don't stay that far away. Apparently the one thing I overestimate more than "time to work on projects" is "time to study for exams." I should be a public service announcement of how NOT to be a student. :| So now I'm scrambling. If anyone needs to contact me for anything (e.g. my Kpop Olymfics team, or Aes+Fai team), just PM or email or whatever! I'm still around, for sure, and I'll probably drop by online once in a while just to keep my sanity. COME ON GUYS, do you actually expect me to have a consistently good work ethic? That's like asking me to stop sighing over hilarious yet unattainable Asian boys. It's just not in my capabilities as a human being.

Stay cool everyone! Hopefully I'll have lots of goodies for you when I come back. ♥
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I, um. I was planning to type out this whole explanation detailing my thoughts towards the rumours of 2PM's so-called true selves that would then perhaps justify why I still would consider myself a 2pm fan, but then as I started typing, I realized I didn't feel like it. I'm not here to preach or soapbox at anyone, and I trust in all of you to make your own choices in what to believe and where to go from there. As for me! 2PM upset me, of course, so to get myself over it, I drew some comics making fun of them and the now-infamous sasaeng accounts. Incidentally, even when 2PM hadn't upset me, I still made fun of them, so you can tell what a stellar individual I am. HEY. Hey. This is my method of coping, okay.

WARNINGS: NO SERIOUS BUSINESS ALLOWED HERE, PEOPLE. This was done for amusement only. Thanks! Also I am required by law to warn for awesome, high-quality, classy art that clearly took an insane amount of effort and talent to create, you guys don't even know!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Hey, I know that look on your face. You're thinking, "Dude, I am just high and/or drunk enough right now to wonder how K-pop fandom and Fight Club quotes would look like mashed up in graphic form!" MY FRIEND, BOY, HAVE I GOT YOU COVERED.

aka. utterly pointless reason to avoid homework #2095198 )
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Hi everyone,

So I think by now everyone knows about this. From the Red Cross website:

"On January 12, 2010 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, followed by several powerful aftershocks, struck off the western coast of Haiti, causing buildings to collapse in Port au Prince and chaos as people fled the damage. It is estimated that 3 million people have been affected and 200,000 left homeless."

I've been reading a few articles about Haiti lately (like the rest of the world), and I've learned that 78% of the country lives in poverty, which means they survive on less than $2 (USD) a day. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. So even if you donate as little as 2 dollars, it all helps to make a difference. I've donated to the Red Cross because the Canadian government matches every dollar that is contributed by individual Canadians, so if you can find an organization that is willing to do the same, you can double your impact. With current death tolls estimated at over 100,000, Haiti is in great need of the entire world's help.

[ profile] help_haiti is organizing a fandom auction to help the earthquake victims. You can put your own fandom talents up for bid, or bid on your favourite fandom people. Here is my thread. I've never put work up for sale before so I don't know how this will turn out, but if someone is willing to donate, then I will most assuredly do my best to make that person happy. :) It's a small venture in the grand scheme of things, but Livejournal is a great community and every little bit counts, right?

Thanks. Stay safe and happy, everyone. ♥

EDIT: [ profile] mirai_nante omg girl you are fast. ;___; Thank you so much.

EDIT again: The auction is over! Thanks so much to everyone who bid, but a huge, huge thank you to [ profile] font particularly. This is probably obnoxious of me to make public but I just really want to share how amazed I am by her generosity. Everyone, [ profile] font not only donated the amount of her winning bid, but also the amount of the second place bid too, for a total of $126 to Doctors Without Borders. If that is not a shining example of pure kindness and altruism, I don't know what is. Thank you forever, [ profile] font!! ♥
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UGH, SCHOOL, I DON'T UNDERSTAND. YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE EASIER THIS SEMESTER! Guys I have to say this is BS. Whenever I'm about to have a day or afternoon free, something else suddenly comes up and I do not get that day or afternoon free. What the hell, this was not part of the deal, timetable! I'm hoping this is just early-semester busyness and will settle down by next week, because if not, someone is going to have to deal with a very, very unhappy [ profile] primroseshows. Who, you ask? ME. I WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH MYSELF. fml i hate when that happens

Anyway I came home today and found that [ profile] freefallskyline and [ profile] envoler messaged me about something that pretty much made my life: Someone put my Jayness Transfer pictures together into one macro (I don't know who), and then somehow, IT FOUND ITS WAY ONTO BESTIZ. LOLLLLLL.

What are the chances that Taec will search himself up on Bestiz and find that picture? omg omg I WOULD DIE. There's no way to trace the picture back to me (thank goodness, holy crap) but just the possibility of him seeing it at all is kind of hilarious. And by kind of I mean totally.

SO IN CELEBRATION OF THIS MOMENTOUS ACHIEVEMENT (snort), I made more stupid 2PM stuff. What's that you say? Pointless and irrelevant? Whatever, shut up, I don't care, HERE IS SOME AWKWARD TOSHIO FOR YOU ALL.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

THEME SONG: Awkward floating Toshio Head! Makin' things awkwaaard! You kinda want to slap him, but too bad! He's just an awkwardly floooating heaaaad! TOSHIO! )


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